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Accuracy of information

The information contained in these pages is accurate at the date of the last update (19th Feb. 2016).

These conditions are effective from the date of the last update. “Saraco” reserves the right to modify at any time, if they come into force upon publication and apply to all users of the website or the website since.

The contents of any web pages, especially information and advertising, unless otherwise stated, are not binding. “Saraco” reserves the right to modify or delete existing content in whole or in part if deemed appropriate, and to prevent or restrict access temporarily or permanently.

“Saraco” may include in any third party website content and links to websites of third parties, always with the consent of their owners, such as social networks and other information. In none of these cases “Saraco” is responsible for pages and content of third parties, nor the performance and availability of data.

Navigation and Customization

Simply browsing through the website of “Saraco” is free and does not require prior registration. However, access, recruitment or use of some products and services may require user registration. In this case, each of these products and services are governed by their own specific conditions, subject to the conditions provided herein.

In some of the portals or website offers to the users the ability to customize the pages, including different wallpapers, or configure access to your favorite products and services, which makes navigation and location of resources used more efficient, functional and therefore suits the tastes and uses of each user.


The portal and the website of “Saraco” are provided with certificates, seals or security clearances and quality needed to provide a safe environment for registered users, where applicable. However, you should consult and carefully read the Safety Recommendations that “Saraco” have on your site available to all users.

Privacy and data protection

“Saraco” fully complies with current legislation regarding the protection of personal data and privacy commitments to its activity.

“Saraco” has taken the necessary measures to maintain the required level of security, depending on the nature of the personal data and the circumstances of treatment, in order to avoid as far as possible and according to the state of technical measures the art, alteration, loss or unauthorized access.

If you are asked to fill in a form in which personal data are collected, the customer or recipient of information, the purpose is reported for the data, the identity and address of the controller and collected the user’s authority to exercise rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of data. Personal data collected will only be treated and / or are transferred with the expressed purpose and always with the consent of the user or client.

For the information contained in our files are up to date and free of errors we ask our customers and users to inform us as soon as possible, changes and corrections of their personal data.

Cookies Policy

The web pages of “Saraco” feature cookies, which are small data files that are stored on the user’s or client’s computer which can allow the system to remember characteristics or browsing preferences on our websites which may serve to personalize access in successive visits, making safer navigation, gather statistical information about navigation or meet user preferences.

The cookie policy of “Saraco” is subject to EU and Spanish regulations in force concerning the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector. Under the same, “Saraco” tells of the cookies used on each of their websites (“About Cookies used”) and, where necessary, asked permission to use them.

Mobile portals and geolocation

Some of the web pages of “Saraco” are adapted for use on mobile devices, so may the presentation and content of the various mobile applications do not match or are accurate to the website or the different website.

Also, some of the web pages for mobile devices or applications may have geolocation functions, to determine when the user activates the location of this device at all times. This way you can access the services they need geolocation and “Saraco” have available.

Access to these services requires activation by the user of geotagging on your mobile device, and may be disabled at any time.

Intellectual property

The portal and web pages “Saraco”, comprising pages and the information or elements they contain include texts, documents, photographs, drawings, graphics, databases, computer programs and also logos, trademarks, trade names or other distinctive signs are protected by intellectual or industrial property, of which “Saraco” or companies in the Group are holders or legal licensees.

“Saraco” does not guarantee the lawfulness and legality of the information or elements contained in the website of “Saraco” if the ownership thereof does not correspond to “Saraco” or the businesses of its group.

Permitted and prohibited uses

Any form of exploitation is prohibited, including any reproduction, distribution, transfer to third parties, public communication and transformation, through any medium or media, creations and distinctive signs mentioned before without the express prior authorization of the respective owners. Violation of this prohibition constitutes an offense punishable by law.

However, at their own risk, the user can download or make one copy of such items for personal use, provided they do not infringe any intellectual or industrial property of “Saraco”. In particular, you can not alter, modify or cancel all or any part. In any case this does not mean any authorization or license rights owned by “Saraco” or its group companies.

Is prohibited, except in cases where “Saraco” expressly authorized to establish links or hyperlinks from portals or websites of third parties websites to “Saraco” website other than the home page of this website also submit websites of “Saraco” or the information they contain under frames, logos, trademarks or company or trade names of another person, company or entity.


“Saraco” does not guarantee the continued access or viewing, downloading or correct use of the elements and information contained in the web pages of “Saraco”, which can be prevented, hindered or interrupted by factors or circumstances outside their control.

“Saraco” is not responsible for the information or other content on the sites or web pages of third parties accessible from the website of “Saraco” through links or hyperlinks, nor for the information and other content within the spaces or from third party websites that are accessed through links or hyperlinks, portal “Saraco” or any of its websites, or the information and content of any third party website that is present under the appearance or logos of “Saraco”, unless their expressly authorized.

“Saraco” and its information providers and third parties assume no liability in connection with the information, content of all kinds, products and services offered or provided through the web pages of “Saraco” by another persons or entities, even if they belong to the same economic group, and especially for damages of any kind linked to what has been mentioned, can be caused by: (i) absence or deficiencies in the information provided to users or in its truthfulness, accuracy and sufficiency; (ii) failure or defective or unpunctual of contracts or pre-contractual relations; (iii) breach of the obligations of providers of information society; (iv) infringement of the rights of consumers and users; (v) infringement of intellectual and industrial property; performance of acts of unfair competition or illicit advertising; (vi) infringement of data protection; professional secrecy and the rights to honor, personal and family privacy and image of persons; (vii) in general, violation of any laws, customs or codes of conduct that are applicable, and (viii) any decision taken in reliance on information provided via the portal of “Saraco”.

Neither “Saraco” or the information providers and third parties assume no liability for damages, losses, claims or expenses arising from: (i) interference, interruptions, errors, omissions, telephone breakdowns, delays, blockages or disconnections in the operation of the electronic system caused by deficiencies, overloading and errors in the lines and telecommunications networks, or any other cause beyond the control of “Saraco”; (ii) unlawful interference with the use of malware of any kind and through any media, such as computer viruses or any others; (iii) improper or incorrect use of the web pages of “Saraco” and (iv) security or navigation errors caused by improper functioning of the browser or use of outdated versions thereof.

Applicable law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by Spanish law.

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