We are specialized in the design and manufacture of fully customized and exclusive sportswear using different types of textiles and clothing technologies that allow us spectacular products for every occasion and in the required finish always maintaining the philosophy of the club.

We offer a wide range of solutions that will only be made for club continuing to assure continuity in the time of our clothing as the first day and unbeatable prices.

Contact to us without commitment and will bring a wide range of options to ensure that the results will always are the desired and expected.

Equipment for competition

We manufacture our equipments for competition with polyester textiles of the highest quality and efficiency so we can guarantee exceptional durability in perfect state of maintenance.

We use six basic high quality fabrics that are designed primarily to sublimate. With this technique, we obtained finishing of exceptional quality.

We offer a totally personalized and exclusive designs for each project, without incurring an additional cost in the final budget. This allows us to offer unique official equipments and in line with the image of your club or organization.

As we come from the world of sport we fully understand the philosophy of the clubs, always we solve any questions and/or need we raised in a time of immediate action and high solvency. You only need to you to try our ability to function and and be convinced with the way we do.

Equipment for training



We seek to adapt the designs of the equipments on hooded. This is not to develop different parts, what we want is to get an overall image of club. We manufacture with the same textiles as the equipments, but incorporating polyester/cotton with vinyl, silkscreen or embroidery if is required.


Tracksuits we propose continue to set the corporate idea of the entity. We try that some of the design elements of the uniforms and sweatshirts are included in the design of the tracksuits.

We do not require large amounts of production, we adapt to your needs. Ask us just what is entrusted, if necessary and do more reps. Excess stock is worth money. Work together just in time.

Equipment for trainig and campus

We have all kinds of clothes for training, in these cases we apply vinyl and silkscreen on fabrics of different colors.
We manufacture (distribute not only) reversible shirts with all kinds of color combinations, basic training pants, sweatshirts basic plush long sleeve, etc.

Equipment for coaches

For coaches and delegates we have a series of clothes suitable for both competition and for training.

We have different models of polo short sleeve and long sleeve. All we can manufacture in different textiles, from basic granite polyester/cotton, 100% polyester and sublimated.

Sport bags


Lately we have incorporated a number of products so clubs available to players and fans for additional income.

Among the products suitable for this purpose:

  • Hoodies emblazoned with vinyl or silkscreen.
  • Balaclava with the exclusive design of the club and sublimation made.
  • Small backpacks.
  • American caps
  • Club bags.

Equipment for campus and tournaments

We have a line of imported products where we do is stamp the logos or deemed to screen or vinyl at a very fair price for events where these items are given away.

We have basic cotton T-shirts and techniques in various colors.