In SARACO SPORTS we have workshop and own machinery to make all kinds of stamping and labeling of sportswear in the following technologies:


Is the ideal place to carry out the stamps of competition equipments.

Is to move the design printed on paper (sublimation) the tissue prior to making blank.

Is performed with an iron with vacuum pump and at a temperature of about 195 degrees. This system allows us great detail and colors and guarantees the highest quality and product life.


Is usually used to print a design on a cloth. It is done with inks of different types depending on the material and color of the cloth. Is the classic stamping mold.

Using different plates, one for each color to be integrated into the finish, produces very dramatic results with a great finish are used.

The order and density applying each plate will be a function of the desired result, depending on the final design of marking on the sportswear.

Transfer of Vinyl

Is the application boards heat on clothes a kind of pre-printed stickers on suitable material, usually on vinyl, which is a plastic material on a carrier layer to transfer the ink to the cloth once it is applied on the plate.

Is a very useful system in the event of having to add details on made equipment such as may be badges, names, numbers and many more. But it does not offer the same quality like finishes with sublimation technology, allow us to include these final details with high quality results.


Is a right fit for certain clothes such as poles or tracksuits and involves making drawings with thread to be integrated on the piece, either sewn or glued.

It offers an embossed finish and highlights much detail offering a final durability.