We have sewing and embroidery workshops concluded that allow us to carry out under this technique stamping alive and colorful relief images that enhance the final finishes.

This technique is often claimed to integrate logos and certain details in the finishing end of our sportswear, which are finally stamped through systems sewn or glued in various techniques, depending on the tissues used and measures position and finishing you want.

Although the embroidery process itself is not in our facilities, our garments guarantee finishes, terms of delivery and distribution, as well as durability of the garment equally.

What is embroidery?

Embroidery is a technique of textile labeling which can play any drawing by wire, directly on garments or fabrics made “cookies” which can then be glued or sewn.

Although there are many techniques of embroidery, we will focus on industrial embroidery technique for mass production in textiles.

How is it performed?

To make an embroidered have to go through the following stages of manufacture:

Design “pecking”

First of all is to make a program for embroidery machine interprets the design we want to do. This process is called pecking, is done once and saved for all other times want to return to embroider the same design.

At this stage by a computer program we order to the embroidery machine what to do, how many stitches, when changing colors, dimensions and densities, is an essential process for embroidery.

Choice of materials

Depending on the type of embroidery and the use to which it will give to a garment must choose materials properly.

Depending on the garment and the material is made, and the previous design, will choose the thread colors that best fit according to size and final location.


Once prepared the “pecking” and elected threads provided on the embroidery machine, it’s time to start the process managed by a computer that will tip the different threads on the base or biscuit, as necessary to achieve the desired finish.

What is this applied for?

Although primarily is used for making logos or shields that will be stamped in sports clothes, obviously can be made any other detail that complements the design when we want to give an embossed finish with high consistency, such as names, numbers and even images.

The finish is elegant and durability against washing is practically endless, with a relief and feel very nice to tell the difference.

Can create a great versatility of beautiful designs using the variety of colorful threads and a special fiber today.

Need more information?

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