Our company offers all the necessary services for its fully customized kits and sportswear, from the preparation of designs for deliveries of orders.

We have a vertical production system that integrates all stages of the production process.


Through a visit to our customers we offer our custom design service. We capture the design idea you have in your Club and present different sketches to give a fairly accurate of what will be the future equipment idea collect and apply all changes deemed appropriate as the design and budget are clear, we do a final sample of equipment.

We have a design team specializing in graphic arts digitize the whole idea of corporate image to prepare the first drafts presented as initial proposal. At all times we advise them to reach the final design that works best for the project in which we work.


We have the necessary plotters to print the paper required to proceed to the sublimation of textiles..


In SARACO SPORTS we have workshop and own machinery to make all kinds of stamping and labeling of sportswear.

We are specialized in sublimation, serigraphy, transfer of vinyl and embroideries to guarantee an spectacular and exclusive finish, without the obligation to buy high volume of clothes and maintaining the guaranted distribution as long as you and your Club require.

We can combine different stamping techniques depending of the textiles, utility and design of the cloth. Ready-made clothes can be also adapted to new designs or for including new details, according to your needs.


In our company we have our own sewing workshop, with all kinds of machinery to ensure the highest quality of the finished products. In addition to having its own garment we have a degree of flexibility in production it allows us to offer a very good service to our customers.


We distribute own weekly with our customers ensuring deliveries quickly and efficiently.