Through a visit to our customers we offer our custom design service. We capture the design idea you have in your Club and present different sketches to give a fairly accurate of what will be the future equipment idea collect and apply all changes deemed appropriate as the design and budget are clear, we do a final sample of equipment.

We have a design team specializing in graphic arts digitize the whole idea of corporate image to prepare the first drafts presented as initial proposal. At all times we advise them to reach the final design that works best for the project in which we work.

Our design proposals are always based on actual standard color range to be reproduced with high fidelity to the original filing. We include all details in our design, so that the proposals are a true reflection of the idea that we extracted from our initial meeting.

Once we have the approval of the designs submitted is time to move to the phase of pre-production where we manufacture with the same quality and working mechanism a garment sample based on this initial design, which once brought passes through the phase of reviews both colorful and details, location details and design in general. Each item of each project has a unique treatment based on textile stamping technology and end functionality of it to ensure the best result in both quality and colorful design and final durability.

Once we apply the necessary adjustments to the design, if needed, we return back the proposals, once revised go to making a new sample piece of finality about new approaches tailored to the design and initial sample presented .

The technology allows us to apply at all times maintain elaborate designs all the time that our customers want to keep it, without forcing to make some excessive volume orders, adapting at all times to the idiosyncrasy and philosophy of the club.

Once these designs obtained final approval is when we move to the phase of preparation, always keep the designs for future new kits, accessories, or any other details required by the club to supplement their equipment, whether official, training, garments for delegates or coaches, for merchandising or to develop commercial products for tournaments or campus.